Deciding to seek counseling is the first and most important step in achieving your goal of creating a happier, healthier you!  It often takes great courage to make that first step towards becoming your best self.  Know this…You are not alone!  I’m here to help you and it is my absolute honor and privilege to help tweens, teens, adults, and families rediscover the best version of themselves.  You can feel happy, complete, whole, and more alive than ever!  Are you experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, grief, or trauma?  Or are you searching for personal growth and a more meaningful life built on self awareness?  Let’s work together to help you refocus, redirect, and enhance the quality of your life.

What brings each person to therapy is unique:

• Are you in crisis mode?  Have you reached your emotional capacity and are feeling overwhelmed?  This might be due to trauma, abuse, grief, addiction, the struggles of adolescence.  You need support for your emotional and physical well being.

• Has feeling anxious has become the norm?  Is it impacting how you live your life and relate to others?

• Have you been experiencing feelings of sadness and depression? Perhaps you feel sad, hopeless, isolated, and fearful and you need a safe, caring, and supportive environment free of judgment.

• Do you feel stuck in one or several aspects of your life?  Maybe it's repeating unhealthy patterns or taking the same emotional roller coaster   ride.  It’s time to take control of your life and make healthy choices that empower you.

• Are you facing the end of a relationship and need closure and support to move forward?

• Perhaps life is in transition and you're seeking clarity and a way to adjust to these major life changes; becoming a parent, children growing, a career change, the angst of adolescence, or college life.

I am committed to travel this journey with you, with honesty, integrity, compassion, vulnerability & humor; to learn, know, and hold your story, and to help you live deeply, discovering a life built on awareness, spontaneity, and authenticity.